Kids News Digital Education Kit - Recycling

Kids News Digital Education Kit - Recycling

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New classroom resource on recycling.

This in-depth, comprehensive kit includes a 25-activity workbook for your students and covers topics including:

  • What’s the problem? Why we need to recycle and why we’re left with waste
  • History: a snapshot of recycling in the past and present
  • How and what do we recycle? Follow products from bin to brand new
  • How does Australia’s recycling compare to the rest of the world?
  • How to be a good recycler. Take our audit
  • The amazing future of recycling and cutting-edge ideas

Supported by Recycling news stories for the classroom on free website

Meets curriculum needs in Literacy, Numeracy, Sustainability, Ethical Understanding, Personal and Social Capability, Humanities, Geography, The Arts/Visual Arts, Critical and Creative Thinking.

Note: Kit does not include any newspapers, posters or stickers.

Kit will be provided as a PDF download on the checkout page (and by email link) once payment is confirmed.

Terms and Conditions: Offer to be billed as a non-refundable single payment of $20 (subject to full Terms and Conditions and the law). Purchase requires a valid email address and pre-payment.Digital Education Kit will be provided in the form of a downloadable PDF.Use permitted only for classrooms, home schooling and private tutoring. Each kit can be used by no more than one educator/teacher/tutor. Full terms and conditions can be viewed here.