How The World Celebrates Christmas Digital Education Kit

How The World Celebrates Christmas Digital Education Kit

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This education kit, including a 50-activity workbook on “How The World Celebrates Christmas”, will help students understand the history and evolution of Christmas, the religious and cultural aspects of its celebration and how traditions vary across the world.

It aims to encourage students to consider how they can think of and spread kindness to others during the festive season. Plus there are fun activities to get students into the Christmas spirit!

The kit content covers:
  1. World festivals of Christmas
  2. History of common traditions and characters
  3. Food, culture, songs and movies of Christmas
  4. How to have a sustainable Christmas
  5. How to say Merry Christmas across the world
  6. Fun Christmas facts and world records
Our free classroom literacy resource features accompanying news stories and educational features on “How The World Celebrates Christmas” to enhance the learning experience and assist with completing the workbooks.

On purchase, teachers receive a downloadable PDF workbook that includes 50 activities to help you meet curriculum needs including English, Maths, Humanities and Social Responsibility, History, Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking and Intercultural Capabilities.

If you don’t receive the kit immediately, please contact to report this.  NOTE: There will be NO class sets of newspapers delivered to schools with this kit.